Terms and Conditions on all Tarot Readings

Before Purchasing a Reading Please Read:

* Here at The Modern Day Tarot we are not fortunate tellers nor do we do predictive style   Tarot Readings.

* We do not provide readings for medical, legal, investment or gambling advise.

* We are not responsible for the actions you choose or not choose after a reading.  

* We encourage everyone to never take the advise of a reading over the advise of a  medical practitioner or legal advisor.

* No reading is ever a guarentee of the outcome to any situation as energies and the actions you take can have a direct affect on how things pan out in your life.

* We do not predict a specific date or time in a reading. No reading can guarentee the timing or how the reading will play out.

* We do not predict the timing or outcome to anyones pregnancy.

* All private readings are non-refundable as a lot of time and energy is put into your reading.

* All readings are pre-paid, no exceptions.


* We reserve the right too...........

*Terminate or refuse a reading by any individual that is abusive in any way. You will not receive a refund for time spent or money spent.